All personal data is valuable.

The Privacy Collective is dedicated to claiming compensation for the wrongful use of your personal data. We will do this through a class action, or 'collective action,' lawsuit on your behalf. The more support we have, the stronger the claim.

Within a second of opening any web page, certain adtech companies have compiled a digital you and sold your personal data to the highest bidder. And we believe they owe you.

How many times have you searched for a holiday destination, for example, and then noticed non-stop ads for flights and that location for the rest of the day? This is how online advertising works. Your personal data from online browsing activity is collected and shared to fuel real-time bidding to make huge profits. All at the expense of your basic right to privacy. Everyone has the right to browse the web without being tracked. Your search history should not be for sale.

Individually, you have no means of redress. There’s strength in numbers, and collectively we can get you what you’re owed.


All we want now is your support.

The first step is raising your hand to show your support for the claim. The second step is sharing a few details with us if you wish to receive more information on our cases.

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