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How much is your privacy worth?

We're taking two tech corporations to court to stop them breaking the law, and to recover compensation for the wrongful harvesting and sharing of your personal data for profit. Click below if you believe that online privacy matters and to show support for the claim.

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You've got nothing to hide, right?

Our mission

The Privacy Collective is dedicated to claiming compensation for the wrongful use of your personal data. We will do this through a class action, or 'collective action,' lawsuit on your behalf. The more support we have, the stronger our voice will be.

Everyone has the right to browse the web without being tracked. Your search history should not be for sale. Individually, you have no means of redress. There’s strength in numbers, and collectively we can get you what you’re owed.

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What happened?

Oracle and Salesforce have been tracking the online behaviour of millions of people and wrongfully sharing personal details through the real-time bidding process.

What we’re doing

This claim is to stop Oracle and Salesforce from breaking the law and to recover compensation for people whose fundamental human right to privacy has been disregarded.

Why we’re doing this

These corporations are putting your profile on sale to the highest bidder. In doing so, you lose control of who has access to your information and how they are using it to influence how you think and act.

Our allies and contributors

Why privacy matters

Data privacy is a collective concern

Ania Calderon, Executive Director of the Open Data Charter is working to democratise data. She explains why our online privacy matters so much.

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Can we really call this a free society?

Amnesty International’s Matt Mahmoudi says privacy is a community problem and the risks of decision making by algorithms cannot be ignored.

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How do you decide who to trust with your data?

Professor Robin Mansell, from the London School of Economics explains why protecting privacy online is so difficult, and what can be done about it.

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Privacy is dead.

Larry Ellison, Co-founder, the Executive Chairman and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Oracle Corporation.

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